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18/4/2015, 10.54 AM

Updated eNote.

What students say about my Biology class ?

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Welcome 2015 ! 2014 have been a wonderful year teaching Biology to form 4 and form 5 students. From feedback that I received from my form 5 students who sat for the exam last year (2014), they're all happy and answered the Biology papers confidently. Why ? To my surprise, I found that most (not some) of the questions, let it be objective, structure or essay, were already discussed and answered by my students in my class. They look exactly the same as the questions that I have discussed with my students before ! Wow ! That's great, right ! Now, what's the secret ? You want to know ? Well, come and register yourself at one of the tuition centres that I'm teaching (please refer to Tuition Schedule 2015 to the left) for 2015 class. I anticipate another great year and I look forward to educating over 500 Biology students. 

To the left of this page you will find navigation tabs that will direct you to various information that you will need. Below are the tuition centers that I'm teaching for 2015:

  1. Pusat Tuisyen Mutiara Indah (Do Re Me) in Sungai Petani, Kedah (Lagenda Heights and Jalan Sekerat only)
  2. Pusat Tuisyen Usaha Jaya, Kulim, Kedah (Kelang Lama, Lunas, Taman Selasih & Paya Besar).

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